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Enjoy the Benefits of a Single-Family Home

According to a new report from Harvard University, more people are forgoing homeownership and opting to lease properties instead. Rental homes are appealing for many reasons, one of the main ones being the availability of features out of reach when you buy a home.

Why rent an apartment when you can upgrade to a single-family home from Home Run Management in Baytown, Texas. For about the same price as an apartment, you can enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own single-family home. Contact us today for more information.

Location, Location, Location

You have your choice of many different properties in nice, clean neighborhoods with big lots and yards, and many with garages. They are well-maintained and conveniently located near shopping and other retail spots. In addition, many are in well-established neighborhoods with a stable base of residents, and they are near a major highway with easy access to downtown Houston. Our properties are also pet-friendly, and appliances and even a spare bedroom can be included.

Benefits Of Renting

You can get more interior and exterior space at a similar rate, with the same number of bedrooms, if not a lower monthly payment. You’ll have extra space for storage, either in the home or in your garage. As well, you’ll have fewer issues with the noise from neighbors and their pets, more and better parking options, and rent tends to go up more slowly in a rental home than in an apartment. Make the comparisons, and you’ll find that a nice neighborhood and increased privacy is better than being a thin wall away from your neighbors.

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